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Recently asked by users


Question: how will i get rid from my acne ,which are on my face

Reply: Wash your face atleast 2-3 times daily and avoid spicy foods. Apply Benzoyl peroxide based cream or gel every day.

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Question: Now a days i am feeling to have more sex, but my hubby is not able to satisfy me

Reply: Urge of having more sex is a common phenomenon during more hormonal secretion, ask your husband to meet a sexologist to discuss in detail and get proper treatment.

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Ajay kumar

Question: I have a problem while eating food from my right side of mouth because of cavity

Reply: Go for an x-ray to see if the cavity has gone from the enamel into the dentin or pulp of the tooth. You can prevent cavities by brushing and flossing daily, less sugary and starchy diet, use toothpaste having fluoride in it and chewing gum that contains xylitol.

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Question: penis bumps and pimple . pain felt at the base of penis. age 17 . weight 70

Reply: Penis bumps are normal in virgin males, nothing to worry about these as it will get away with your age. There are many reasons for pain in penis shaft, urine infection can be one of the reason. Consult with your nearby sexologist for diagnostic investigation.

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Question: I want to increase my height and i am 32 years old

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Mayank Dixit

Question: Hi, I just want to ask that since last 2 days I am facing cramps in my this after workout. Please guide me what to do. Thanks!

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Kamya Srivastava

Question: I m suffering from bad smell from mouth & I also found some bleeding from teeth at the time of brushing.

Reply: The signs you are telling most likely indicate gingivitis. It is the inflammation of your gums. You need to check if you are using any medications that may be causing this or having any medical condition( such as diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, etc.), else it may be a oral hygiene issue and you need to get professional help. The most likely treatment will be oral prophylaxis (that involves scaling) and gum massage using a medicated ointment. Hope this helps.

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Chetan Saxena

Question: Thanks Doc.You have replied to me earlier too. I have a further question that her front teeth are almost 1/2 decayed, still can we continue with this till she develops her natural teeth? Would it be a problem with the new teeth structure with this practice? Thanks

Reply: I don't think it is a good idea to continue with the half decayed teeth till the permanent teeth develop as there are chances that the infection from her decayed teeth can be transferred to the permanent teeth that are developing underneath and lead to caries in them also. Moreover, as the child is just 4 years old, you need to wait for at least 2-3 years for her upper front permanent teeth to emerge. She will also not find it aesthetic. So I would suggest to go for the restorative treatment.

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Question: I am suffering from gum bleed problem, using PEPSODENT

Reply: Bleeding from gums is not due to using any particular toothpaste. You need to check with your nearest dentist or general physician if you are suffering from any other health issues or have plaque deposits in your teeth that may be causing the problem. Your gums may be having inflammation due to diabetes, hypertension, or any other disease or there may be deposits on your teeth causing the inflammation, leading to bleeding. But definitely your toothpaste (pepsodent) is not the culprit. Hope it clarifies.

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Chetan Saxena

Question: My daughter is 4 years old. She has been suffering from Tooth Decay in upper front teeth. Is there anyway we can redevelop or protect to the best till she develops her permanent teeth?

Reply: You are right you need to protect her teeth till the time she develops her permanent teeth. If the tooth decay is minimal, restorative treatment can be done using filling materials. If nearly 1/4th to 1/2 of the tooth structure is lost, RCT followed by restoration can be done using a crown.In case more than half of te tooth structure is lost, you will have to get the teeth extracted and use space maintainers so that the permanent tooth erupt correctly. Hope this helps.

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